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The Goal of this web site is to help the potential new client.

We have several objectives. The first is to inform the client about what we have already done in the recent past. The idea is to show them sample of videos we have already completed for other clients. Another objective is to educate the first time video client about video production and its 3 main phases; Pre-Production, Production, and Post Production. Clients come to us with in different levels of expectations. We aspire to help each individual at their level of interest and engagement. I would like you to look at the Video section and see if anything we have done in the past is similar to what you want us to help you to produce. We have laid out this web site in a way that allows you to get quickly to what you what to See, Hear, or Read. Each individual has a preferred method of learning new information; Sight, hearing, or feeling. We are an Atlanta Video Production Company.

Veteran Owned Video Production Company

We are a Veteran owned Video production company. We are located in Lilburn Georgia Gwinnett county. And out of all the possible Atlanta Video production Companies, we want you to select Machine Press Video Production.

Voice-Over Story Title

This month we have a special Voice-Over Story. Throughout the Machine Press Video web pages you will see audio player buttons, such as “Click here to Play Audio”, or “NO Audio” buttons. In the Voice-Over story, I have made some personal notes for you, about the choices we have made concerning our audio description voice-over players on our web pages. We are an Atlanta Video Production Company.

Outline ---Capsule Story Outlines are used to help determine what will be shown when. You can also show what text or graphics will be overlaid on the screen. Outlines often come with 3 or 4 columns. The first of four columns is the seconds 1, 2, 3, yada yada yada into a 30 second script. The next column is usually the audio text script of what will be said. The third column is the Text or Graphics overlay. And the fourth column is a short description of the video to be shown at the same time as the audio is spoken from the 2nd column. Click to see a Photo of a Blank Outline Click to see a recent Outline Click to read a text Outline

When you need help with an outline contact this Atlanta Video Production Company, Machine Press Video Production.

Script ---Capsule Story The script is essential for producing a video. This is the story to be told. It lays out all the important elements of a video. The script describes what will be said, who is saying it and where will everyone be standing or what will they be doing. Click to read several different Scripts for CIC Caught In Clapper

Maybe you have already written a script, but you need a Video production Company in Atlanta to produce your video. So what do you do, well you call Machine Press Video Production.

Story Board ---Capsule Story A Story board is a graphic printed device to help visualize a story for a DVD video that I am preparing. It does not need to be bound, but it will be used with push pins on a cork board. This way the order and combinations can be rearranged.
Click to see a Cork Story Board. Click to see a Story Board - 8x11

So If you need help with Story board Pre-Production, think of Machine Press Video Productions. We are an Atlanta Video Production Company.

Animatic ---Capsule Story An Animatic is a script or Outline brought to life. The individual images from an outline or story board are animated through motion and voice is added to the video which follows the script shown in the outline. An Animatic is an approximation or pre visualization of what the final video might look like. It helps the Pre-production creative's get a look and feel of the video. Animatic's are intended only for those in house who are used to seeing HALF-DONE videos. The public rarely sees an animatic. If they do it is usually only after the video has become successful, and they want to show behind the scenes how it was created.

$99 Video ---Capsule Story Click to read about the $99 Site Survey . Click to see photos of the $99 Site Survey Click to listen to a recent Pod cast about the $99 Site Survey

Pre-Production ---Capsule Story Click here to listen to a recent Pod cast about Pre-Production. Click to read about Pre-Production Click to see a story board prepared about Pre-Production

Production ---Capsule Story Click to read about Production. Click to see Production story board. It shows a single still frame from each of the productions we have done here a at Machine Press Video. Click to listen to a recent Pod cast about Production Or you can watch a few minutes from each of our productions, when you click on the Video sections above, or here in a list. Indoor - Outdoor - Lighting - Audio - Support of Camera - Edit / Switch - Cable TV - Bonus - Green Screen - -Virtual Sets - 2D Animation - 3D Animation

IIf you need Video production on Cable TV, choose a Veteran owned Video production Company. select Machine Press Video Production.

Post-Production ---Capsule Story Click to listen to a Pod cast about Post-Production Click to read more about Post-Production Click to see photos about Post-Production

When someone wants a commercial video produced and edited in Atlanta, where do they look? they look in Gwinnett county, and they contact Machine Press Video Production. We are an Atlanta Video Production Company.

Audio Capsule Story Click to see the submenu of videos focusing on all things Audio related Audio sub-menu. Or you can also checkout our Voice-Over sub-menu.

Teleprompter Capsule Story Click to see Photos of a Teleprompter Click to see a video of John W Gutmann using a teleprompter

Equipment ---Capsule Story Click to see Photos of Video Equipment. You will see Video, Audio, Lighting, Portable Green Screen, Director chairs, Interview & Teleprompter Equipment, in an affordable rented Studio environment. Big enough for a 2 person Host & Guest Interview show, while not too large & beyond a small business budget.

Click here to request free phone Consultation. We are an Atlanta Video Production Company.

Future ---Capsule Story Click to see the Future

There are Only a few Atlanta Video production Companies who are affordable
Click here to request free phone Consultation from Machine Press Video Productions.

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