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Post-Production is about 1/3
of the total budget.

Editing is based on feed back
from the Client in the form of
Time codes provided to the Editor

Shortly after Production is complete,
We provide the client with a
VHS Time coded tape,
Which is a copy of the raw video.

The client reviews these tapes
And notes the beginning and end
of preferred segments of tape.

These preferred segments
Are sent back to the Editor
And they are put on the
Editing timeline in the computer.

The Client has 3 opportunities
To approve the final video
Under the agreement signed.

If after 3 reviews the client
Still wants additional edits done
We can agree to X hours
Of additional edits
At a $50 and hour rate.

We edit for 5 hours
or ½ of the agreed edit time
of 10 hours

Then we send you a ½ done edit.
This ½ done edit also has time code
So the client can specify
Certain points in the edit
That they want changed.

The client sends MPVP
A list of changes they want
And then about 2.5 hours
Of editing time is performed.

A ¾ done VHS TC tape is prepared
And sent to the Client
The client reviews the tape
And if there are any changes
The client provides time code
And instructions about the change.

At this point the editor makes the
Changes requested
And MPVP prepares the final
4/4 version and sends it to the client.

Form most editing jobs I have done
The 4/4 edit is satisfactory to MPVP.
However the client may still want more.

It is at this point that the client
Send MPVP the times and requested
Changes to be made.

MPVP looks at the amount of effort
and time estimated in hours.
This estimate is sent to the client

If the client agrees, they sign an
Extended agreement
And MPVP begins editing
Beyond original agreement of 10 hours.

The editing is performed
This time a high Quality DVD video
This video does not have time code
Is prepared for the client.

A review meeting is scheduled
And both parties watch the video.

If the client wants a WEB version
We can do that for $50 for each
Type of format the client requests.

(C) Copyright 2009 - John W Gutmann



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