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Production Text



Production is about the time and effort
that goes into Capturing Video.

Production starts at $45 an hour
Minimum of $250 for half day

This is the time to use a Video Camera and
capture video on tape, on the scheduled day.

This is where we take written plan
on paper, put it to use.

We Make it real on video tape.

Note that even if we arrive at 9:00 AM,
It will probably be another 2 hours
Until we are ready to start recording
the very first production video on tape.

Equipment must be unloaded from the car
Carried into the site
Lighting set up and levels measured
Video Equipment Assembled and Setup
QC camera and tape tests performed

During pre-production
We took only one shot
Of everything we wanted.

Production we do things a little different
Once we get a good shot for a few minutes
We need to back up the tape
And examine the tape for QC

We need to make sure that we have
All the right settings on the camera,
Lighting issues resolved
This all has to bee done on a production
Monitor, not the viewfinder of the camera

Once we have assured ourselves
And the client we have the right settings
And we are getting what they want on tape,
We still have a few changes to be made

We do not back up and check every shot
However we do make more than one take.
A second take allows for problems
That may have occurred at
only one spot on the tape.

We even want to do a third take
Just for safety sake.
This is also useful for the editor
So they have a choice of video
On the editing time line

Why is this important?
No 2 video takes are exactly alike.
Sometimes the Actor does it just a little different
Other times the camera operator moves ahead
Or behind what they did the last time.

Each take provides a new chance to get it right

Once we set up at a particular location,
It makes the most sense to shoot
All the video required at that location.

We do not always shoot in the order that the
Material is presented in the written plan.

It makes more sense to shoot it all at one site
Then move onto the next site.
Get it working right, and keep it working that way.

It does not make sense nor save money
By shooting in the final edit order.

Set up the equipment once
And shoot many times
At that setting

When all the scheduled shots are done
We still have to shoot cover shots.

This is done to provide the editor with video
That can be used to cover up problems
That were not for seen in advance.
Or could only be discovered at the edit time.

We don’t do run and gun videos

Production is about 1/3 of the total budget for a video.

Last minute changes are usually a disaster
Can we make last minute changes,
yes, but we don’t advise it.

What does a Script look like
What does a Storyboard look like
What does a Treatment look like
What does a rough outline look like
What does a animatic look like

However, it does require that both of us
review the plan.
And we need to agree
that this is the plan
that will be followed on capture day.

This Production text is about what is involved.
It will not explain everything,
just some of the main key points

The idea is to start a conversation
about Production.
It is not my objective
to answer all the questions,
just key issues

The goal is to educate the potential client about Production
What is involved, what it looks like,
This is how MPVP does business.

This Production Treatment is about the details of Production.
It is not intended as a persuasion sales piece.

Production is a time of high pressure

Once we capture it on tape,
if we need to make a change
It means taking another $450 day
or at least a $250 half day.

Production is designed to make the most
and best of the capture day.

Production is not a time to discuss options,
and different approaches.
Capture day is not the time
to be second guessing the plan

Production is all about
implementing the prepared plan

Production takes time and effort.

(C) Copyright 2009 - John W Gutmann



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