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$99 Site Survey





Past clients have found that a $99 Site Survey Video, answers many of the questions they have about working with Machine Press Video Productions.

What we have found useful, is for me to bring a Video camera, shoulder brace, TV monitor and travel to (1) location for video capture .

During the Site Survey, I video tape a short 5-10 minute video of you, doing whatever you expect to be doing in the final video. We try to capture at least one, of every type scene you expect on the final video. This is useful for Story Board Preparation later.

We rewind the video tape, and the same day, you watch the video tape, and check to see if the quality meets or exceeds your expectations.

This is raw video, not edited, nor steady mounted on a tripod. It includes starts and stops, and repositioning of the camera.

We would use available lighting, I do not bring lighting equipment this time. Most clients are happy with available lighting, it all depends on the location you have envisioned, where your video would be shot.

After a watching the video, I will spend some additional time, up to an hour included, talking to you about the production of your video.

I bring along my Menu Authored Sample Video on DVD and show you examples of my past work, going back to 1997.

When we are done, I take the Mini-DV video tape back with me for conversion. I transfer from mini-dv to VHS tape and add TCWB. ( Time Code Window Burn ).

Then I send this VHS tape back to you for your review.You may keep this VHS TCWB tape.

The TCWB allows you to identify key points in the video, and over the phone or in e-mail we can refer to specific points in the the tape, and we can both be looking at the same sections. You will be able to watch it over and over, getting a feel of what the final video might look like.

Also this VHS review, helps you make better decisions about what to say, what to show, on a WA wide angle, CU close up, XCU extreme closeup, video camera shots.

You get all this, my time, my travel, video capture skills and equipment, 1 hour of consulting, and the TCWB VHS tape for $99.

If you are happy, which I expect you will be, we can begin Pre-Production planning for your video. If not, your investment for your video planning so far is only $99

Most preliminary questions are answered, and doubts are removed as a result of this Site Survey Video.

There are 3 key phases to video production. Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production. We are Near or at the Pre-Production phase.

Call me to talk about your budget. 770-972-7082

Thank You.

John W. Gutmann Machine Press Video Productions,





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